We look forward to meeting many new faces at various recruiting events this Fall 2022 articling season. Our upcoming recruiting events are listed below. We will also be attending various CPABC and post-secondary institution recruitment events throughout this recruiting season.

Fall Student Recruitment Application opens July 25th, 2022, for the following paths: Preapproved Assurance, Preapproved Direct to Tax, and US CPA - Tax Student. To apply, please fill out our 2022 CPA Student Application form(PDF) and follow the below instructions:

  1. Merge your documents into one PDF with the CPA Student Application form as the first page of your application. Do not submit your documents separately. 
  2. Save your application using the following naming convention: 2022_Fall_CPA Student Application_LAST NAME, First Name
  3. Submit your application to exceptionalpeople@manningelliott.com.

For any questions regarding the application form and process, please email the above email address. 

To register for our upcoming events, click the links below. The events are open to 3rd and 4th year students only completing their studies, including UBC DAP students. To stay up to date with our Firm events, please make sure to connect with us on social media. 

Fall Recruiting Events For 2022