Rick Gendemann is one of the firm’s lead partners, overseeing and advising on business transition, business advisory, tax planning and family wealth continuity services.

About Rick

He is committed to helping business families create a roadmap for successfully transferring their entrepreneurship and economic wealth across multiple family generations. 

Rick works extensively with family enterprises, providing owners with business advisory and business transition planning services. Rick is a graduate of the Institute of Family Enterprise Advisors program, which provides a comprehensive education in knowledge and best practices in family enterprise advising. He works closely with business owners in helping them develop and implement strategies to enhance the future business value to be realized on an eventual transition. 

He understands the importance and value that planning can have in successfully dealing with business transitions and wealth continuity planning for enterprising families. Rick's holistic advisory approach and perspective embrace the overall business visions of entrepreneurs and their families. 

As part of his advisory role, Rick works closely with other multi-disciplinary professionals who work with family businesses.

Together they identify opportunities to help clients increase the value of their business. They plan for the eventual transition of the business to the next generation or position the business to maximize the value received on a future sale.

Rick’s expertise and background in working with family enterprises – with access to a multi-disciplinary team of professionals – allows him to offer clients a highly skilled and diverse approach to address all their planning opportunities proactively. 

His experience in working with family enterprises spans over 30 years. He has advised and worked with clients through a variety of business advisory engagements over these years and has become a “trusted advisor” to his clients. Rick is also a frequent presenter on business advisory and business transition matters and has authored numerous articles on these matters.


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